“Oysters are the most tender and delicate of all seafoods. They stay in bed all day and night. They never work or take exercise, are stupendous drinkers, and wait for their meals to come to them.”
- Hector Bolitho, The Glorious Oyster
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Designer Oysters

That perfect and delectable half-shell oyster served on shaved ice is the result of improved oyster farming techniques. Grown where the oyster farmers can frequently inspect, nurture, protect, clean, and harvest them while monitoring their environment, the “designer oyster” has a more pleasing shape and a cleaner shell. Based on availability, seasonality, taste, and appearance, Chef Myers will choose the best oysters for your event.

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Here are a few of the finest oysters served by Aquatic Culture:

Olympia Oyster
This delectable little oyster is the West Coast’s own native mollusk. A slow grower, the Olympia takes more than three years to reach adult size (about the diameter of a half-dollar) and is so delicate that it must be harvested by hand. But what the Olympia lacks in size, it makes up for in flavor. This bite-sized morsel is crisp and sweet with a slight metallic aftertaste and a firm texture.
Puget Sound, Washington

Kumamoto Oyster
Though relatively rare and difficult to grow, this oyster originally from Japan is well worth the trouble. The Kumamoto, recognized by its sculpted shell and deep cut, has a delicate, buttery flavor. With its beautiful shape and delicious taste, the Kumamoto has a dedicated following among oyster lovers.
Humboldt Bay, California; Netarts Bay, Oregon

Kusshi Oyster
The Kusshi, which in Japanese means "ultimate", rivals the Kumamoto in size. Special growing and handling practices create this superb Pacific oyster.
Baynes Sound, British Columbia

Miyagi Oyster
More robust than its Kusshi and Kumamoto counterparts, this Pacific oyster is another Japanese transplant. One of the fastest-growing species, the Miyagi is one of the most cultivated oyster varieties in the world. Its heavy, fluted shell contains a morsel of full-flavored, slightly salty meat.
Buckley Bay, British Columbia; Westcott Bay, Washington; Eld Inlet, Washington; Drakes Estero, California

European Flat Oyster
When Jonathan Swift wrote his famous quote, “He was a bold man that first eat an oyster,” he was probably talking about this European oyster native to Belon, France. Prized in ancient times by Romans and Gauls, the European flat oyster has lost none of its appeal. The creamy oyster meat nestled inside of a small, flat shell has a sweet metallic flavor.
Wild Belon, Maine; Westcott Flats, Washington; Tomales Bay, California

Eastern Oyster
Widely appreciated for its smooth, thick shell and mild and refreshing flavor, the indigenous Eastern oyster is also known as the Atlantic or American oyster. Though grown commercially from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian Maritimes, Aquatic Culture serves Eastern oysters harvested from the colder waters north of Virginia for their crisp and salty-sweet taste. This bicoastal bivalve is also farmed on Western shores in Tomales Bay and the Pacific Northwest.
Point Judith Pond, Rhode Island; Beausoleil, New Brunswick; Saint Simon, New Brunswick; Island Creek, Massachusetts

Littleneck, Massachusetts

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